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“ These are serious training tools for players who really want to improve there overall skills." 

Edward Waters
Baseball Instructor & Coach

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Resistance Band Training Tools!
The Natural 3 in 1 Combo - Baseball Swing Trainer, Arm Trainer, Fitness Trainer All in one! Developed by a leading baseball instructor, the Natural line of products is a baseball or softball swing trainer, arm trainer and rope resistance band trainer. The products help baseball and softball players improve their performance in hitting, throwing and running. The products combine baseball equipment with resistance training tools to improve mechanics,strength & overall fitness.

The Natural Swing Trainer:

  • Increases bat speed        
  • Increases hitting distance
  • Builds muscle memory for swinging consistenly correct
  • Eliminates common hitting mechanics errors
  • Simulates a true batting swing because we use a real bat
  • Builds overall  body strength for hitting ...Read more

The Natural Arm Trainer helps build arm strength and develop the correct throwing technique by using baseball or softball training exercises. The Natural Rope Trainer develops entire body strength using core resistance training exercises. The Natural Swing, Rope & Arm Trainers, combined make up The Natural 3 in 1 Combo . These products provide the core foundation of Baseball or Softball Resistance Training, training exercises using resistance bands.

The  Natural Swing Trainer products:

  • Connect easily to any pole, fence or door
  • Ideal for self-training,practice,warm-ups, before & during the game
  • Can easily be stored in your bat bag for use anytime and anywhere
  • Can be customized for any player (different band and bat sizes)
  • Includes online video training drills to ensure proper use
  • Can be used from youths to adults

The Natural products are great for hitting or fitness instructors, baseball or softball players, and coaches. The products can be used by little league teams, travel baseball or softball teams, high school, college, minor league and major league teams.

Purchase The Natural products now and start baseball & softball training naturally.

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GA Stars Baseball Academy Wins Using The Natural Swing Trainer

GA Stars Players Using The Natural Swing & Arm Trainers before game!

Coach demonstrates The Natural Swing Trainer

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Benefits of The Arm Trainer

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